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Our Profile...

Women's welfare for Health & Education Services Pakistan Whae's), Regds
Since 2004 women's for health & education services Pakistan (Whae's) is working in the field of health & education very successfully. We did different seminars, free medical camps & other awareness programs for a common people as well whole society.
We design different medical & education courses for concern persons, & for that person who want to learn these courses, and providing their services for their families & society.
Advance ultra sound course only for MBBS Doctors & other health related professional which will be affiliated with any reputable institute or faculty in Pakistan or Abroad.
We will try affiliated our LHV, Midwife course with any Govt faculty or concern health department.
We are also panning for establishing the small basic health units in the Coastal areas of Karachi from Ibrahim Hydri to Keti Bandar (Thatta). It will be expand throughout the country in future.
We will provide multiple facilities in these health centers, like as, Ultra Sound, Dental, Eye Checkup as well Gyne / Obs treatment.
Coastal areas population spending their lives under the line of poverty, they are mostly effects by Chronic Diseases, and much more effected by Eye and Dental side, specially women.
These areas are unreachable from any Qualified Lady Doctors or any reputable Govt or Private Sector Hospital.
Person of these areas avoided to treat their females from Male Doctors, due to some social and tribal restrictions and Qualified Lady Doctor are unable to stay there after evening, so we will provide them some special protection to our ladies staff & Aware the local person to remove this Myth that Male Doctor treatment is prohibited for their females.
We will arranged awareness seminars in Girls Colleges, University, & Hospital for providing awareness about women all kind of diseases, and there treatment.
We also published a magazine with name of monthly (whae's) for all society peoples, theme or central idea of this magazine are awareness of women's issues in families & societies, specially for Pakistan as well as universally.

Educational Projects:
Arranging different short certification courses in Computer / Language / Web Designing / Fashion Designing / Knitting / Cutting / Beauty Parlor.
We will also arrange 1 year diploma course in some specific faculties which will be registered from any reputable institute or Govt Department.
We will try to make an Education Committee which will consist on Senior Educationalist, Professors and prominent figures from the education sector in Pakistan.
We designed all these courses to empower women to make their future brighter or to support themselves or their families in the crucial time.
Women's Health and Education services, sincerely for women for providing them a concrete platform to show their inner abilities for society, & follow the logan of Whae's " Make women Health & Education get better future generation"