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Donation, a word means somebody helping you by means of cash, goods and other essential requirement of a human being, but now a days in our society, donation means a person gets money from different sources for deserving and needy peoples, but expense this charitable amount on himself\ herself or family members.

This tradition become more popular in social sector currently, but it does not means that all persons \ NGO’s follow this track, but mostly following this attractive deal. Due to this abusing practice of donation, a common person have not a good image about donation, so after these all theories of our society as well as social sector we tried to change this scenario about donation, firstly, we try to generate funds by our internal sources (Membership fee, Members Donation).

   Secondly by arranging some seminars, commercial awareness programs, and at last we go to for donation in public sector.

   If we get donation from any kind of source, them we utilize this donation amount for concrete solution of that person \ family.

   We do not try to catch a fish for a deserving \ needy hunger, but we try to learn that hunger, how he\she can catch a fish by him \ herself, so we just play  a roll of helping hands to others, due to this way they can survive in the society with a great respect and dignity \ honors.

   We collect the donation for the needy people, expense on them in different learning, teaching, and other skills awareness programs, these skills awareness programs more beneficial for the society as well individual’s family.

   So at last, we can say, just visit us, observe us with sharp eyes and then agree or decide about our aim, our program, which are fruitful for society and follow this track we can make Pakistan better and brighter in future.

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