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A Nursing School Project & 50 Bed Hospital Under Supervision of Women's Welfare for Health & Education Services at ST. JONES HOSPITAL LANDHI KARACHI.

Nursing is the Profession in which services are limit less for the persons who are deserved for it, in our modern society no other profession or skills compete it. Nurses served their patients as they are their love one. When a person joins this profession, He/She just thinks about the services of deserving human beings without any matelisitic benefits. They perform their professional duties round the clock without any kind of irritation, across the border, no differentiation of Race, Religion and other same issues of any society. Although, in Pakistan many nursing schools running successfully since very first day of Pakistan, in which some are very prominent, reliable and have well skilled professional faculty.

In government sectors many nursing schools running and providing nurses every year for Pakistan and Also some provide their services for abroad.

In government sectors nursing schools fesses ratio are very economical as compare to private sector. Standard of Quality Education of Nursing Depends on facilities provided by the nursing school, well standard prominent professionals of every faculty, more opportunities for learning, and peaceful environment is the basic and necessary requirement of any teaching institute.

With a clear serviceable vision and positive approach in the medical field WHAE'S took a first step in the shape of a nursing school project expected at the location of Landhi, Karachi.

In Past, Area of Landhi is very neglected by the high authorities of Karachi, but right now it became a well stable in business activities. Huge educated population and peaceful atmosphere and Landhi near by or touches the area of, Akhtar Colony, Manzoor Colony, Qayyum Abad, Korangi Industrial area, Shah Faisal Colony, Malir and Korangi, means Three towns are attached and about to 2 to 3 Million population living these territories.

These all Population depends on, for nursing education JPMC/Indus Hospital Korangi and 2 or 3 private Hospitals. Limited seats in nursing every year many willing students disappointed due to crowd of students.

WHAE'S already running very successfully ultra sound certificate training program for medical professionals from 2010. In different hospitals of Karachi with reputable and prominent sinologist.(introductory bruchers attached)

Nursing faculty will be consist on well skilled, fame professional of every specialty.

Nursing School Staff will be consist on following members.
  • Principal
  • Administrator
  • Accountant
  • Office Sectary
  • Receptionist
  • Security Guards

Teaching Faculty of a Nursing School
will be consist on following member:
1). Anatomy Nursing instructor
2). Physiology Nursing instructor
3). Community Health Nursing instructor
4). Micro Biology Nursing instructor
5). Fundamental of Nursing Nursing instructor
6). Gyne / Obs  
7). Chmeistry  
8). Physics  
9). English  
10). Pak Studies  
Aprox expenses of a Nursing School with a 50 bed Hospital :
1. Renovation of the building 2.5 Million
2. Furniture & fixture 1.5 Million
3. Publicity Material 0.5 Milion
4. Stationary 100.000
5. Two Ambulances 1 Million
Required Medical Equipments for Nursing School & 50 Bed Hospitals. :
1). Well furnished Operation Theator With all necessary Equipments 150.000.000
2). Well furnished I.C.U with six Ventilators & necessary Equipments 2000.000.00
3). Well furnished N.I.C.U with 10 INCUBATORS and all necessary 100.000.000
4). Well equipped Laboratory with Blood Bank 50.00.000
5). Colour Doppler + Printer 450.0000
6). Dental Setup with Accessories 500.000
7). Eyes Setup with Accessories 500.000
8). Other basic instruments and Medicines 100.0000
9). Rehabilitation Center Setup 100.0000
10). Miscellaneous 500.000
Salaries and other Expenses of Nursing School Faculty Members & Hospital Staff:
1. Four Male Doctor for 24 hours 25000/ Each
100.000/ 1 Month for Four Doctors
2. Four F/Male Doctor 24 hours 25000/ Each
100.000/ 1 Month For Four Doctors
3. Four Male Staff for 24 hours 15000/ Each
60000/-1 Month four Staff
4. Four F/Male Staff for 24 hours 15000/Each
5. Principal of Nursing School 50000/
6. Administrator 30000/
7. Nursing instructors of every Subjects 20000/Each
8. Accountant 25000/
9. Office Sectary 20000/
10. Receptionist 15000/
11. Security Guards 12000/ Each
12. Sweepers 10000/ Each
13. Utilities (Gas Electricity Telephone 50000/ Per Month